vrijdag 21 augustus 2015

a special person

Since I started blogging
almost five years ago 
(uhhhhhhm ... that long already ?)
I've "met" a lot of nice people,
starting of course with Jude and her warm circle
of slow-stitching friends,
and also others e.g. after my on-line felting course of Fiona Duthie.
But because I read German easily too
I "met" others in Germany, Austria and Switserland.
Meeting people in Blogland is fun
and it's wonderful experience
to make an exchange with someone :
so you send and get a surprise, 
really on your doormat ;-)

But  it is even more fun
when the possibility occurs
to meet in real life !

The very first time that we arranged that 
was three years ago with Gabi (Filzkram)

drinking coffee

and admiring her wonderful studio.

This year it turned out that we were having our family holiday
very near to where Birgit (Olann-Wolle) lives.

We've had contact before so it was easy to take the step
to arrange a meeting.
It was (again) no surprise 
that I was going to meet a wonderful person.

We had lovely warm (hot even) weather
so had coffee, and later lunch, with  Birgit and husband on the terras.
(and talked a LOT )

We toured around the garden, with the neighbour's young cows,
which are used as lawn mower,

Birgit's three sheep,
we  looked at her vegetable plot,
and  even picked some raspberries ... 

Then we went inside (it was really hot then)
and I showed the things I took with me from home
which I thought she would like to see "with her hands"
(uhuh ... that's the way textile-lovers lóók !) 

But there was someone else :
Älfi  (one of Birgit's three (in fact four) cats)
came in and found his rightful place
on my "Sun and Moons"

Oh my,
that day was much, much, much too short !!!!!
We could have talked for many more hours
(so we agreed on seeing each other again  ;-) !)

(and Kai)

For this wonderful day
and for being such a lovely person !

3 opmerkingen:

  1. How very cool! Would love to hook up with some international blogging pals...but I don't travel, so that's that! Have a great weekend, Els. xo

  2. Everytime I think of you and Mic, I think in English ;o)
    Es auch für mich etwas Besonderes, dass wir uns gefunden haben!

  3. I agree. It's amazing how you feel you get to know people through their blogs, and so much fun to learn you have a lot in common. Xx