maandag 24 augustus 2015


It has been an aweful long time since I unrolled my
to do some stitching ...
The fact that I took it with me on holiday
was to restart stitching 
ánd to show it to Birgit when we visited her.

(because I know how eager "textile people" are
to see the "real" thing with their hands, 
rather than just looking at it on a photograph)

With the actual cloth on the table
it's easier to explain what you have been doing.

(with or without a cat lying on it  .....)

Although there wasn't enough quiet time to restart thén
I indeed did a restart, now I'm home again.
(and the little repair tast for the classroom 
of my former collegue Ada is finished :
school started again today !)

I forgot to show last time
the gorgeous indigo handdyed Baby-Alpaca wool
that Birgit gave me as a present !

And since the little extra : blue dyed lace,
fits so well with the colours
of the "Sun and Moons"
I had to stitch a little piece of it into it !

I may find yet another place for the next bit too ...

First invisible "glue-stitch" and then some thread beads.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. I want to go and restart mine blue/moon stitching again too. Is this the one you started in Jude's workshop? Cleaver cat to make a marks on it!

  2. good to see the magic growing in your Sun & Moon cloth Els!

  3. Hmmm, schön, eingearbeitet in dein Sun and Moons!!