dinsdag 12 april 2016

spring is in the air !

O yes !
After a (too) mild winter
spring is definitely here.

Though there was a real thunderstorm tonight,
the last few days were sunny and warm
so I could sit outside
(that is : in the doorway)

The garden is a delight !

In the meantime I'm busy felting again :
at Pentecost daughter and I
will go to a market

Here are, halfway done, some scissor pouches
some of the yummy thick silk hand dyed yarn
that I bought from Adrian at the VILTEXPO
(unfortunately for you this is not in her web shop ...)

And much more
is now waiting for my embroidery needle !

(I'll continue with that at the end of this week
because there are other things first !)

12 opmerkingen:

  1. we had such a mild winter that the annuals in my pot plants never died back and there are already blooms from last years plants. love seeing the flowers arrive at this time of year. you have some pretty ones in your garden.

    1. No mild winters everywhere, but here it sure was : no ice skating ! Loooove to see the flowers emerge in spring ;-)

  2. Happy Spring Els. The flowers look gorgeous! Love love all your felt bits you are working on. Are you selling them on Etsy?

    1. Happy Autumn Nat, yes Spring is goood !
      I take my felted bits to the market in May

      (I don't have Etsy but you can always order ;-) ...)

  3. @ Connie : thanks ;-)
    @ Mirjam : jaaaa, werken voor de markt

  4. Deze reactie is verwijderd door een blogbeheerder.

    1. Ups ! Gabi, entschuldige :-( hab was falsch gemacht ...

      Ich werde am Wochenende weiter sticken