zaterdag 23 april 2016

a cold Saturday

We think it is Spring
but oh my
today it feels like winter again !
Though the sun was out,
the wind was freezing
and made my trip to the R'dam Stitch
an icy enterprise !

We were only a small group because some ladies
were visiting "De Brei- en Haakdagen" in Rijswijk
(Knitting and Crochet Fair)
A very dear friend went there yésterday
and brought me this wonderful
birthday gift 

A very big skein of hand dyed thin silk thread
WOW :  a LOT to embroider
(thanks again Rina)

Though the temperature is rather low
the flowers, especially the trees in bloom, don't seem to mind that much.

Sparks of colour between the juicy greens.

Later this afternoon I said "so long"
to my two sided quilt "I want to break free" and brought
it to a stitch friend who collects all the art quilts
that will go to Edinburgh for a few days next week,
to a small Dutch Art Quilt exhibition in

hate that empty space on our wall !!!

The last few days I was busy stitching again
on some new felted jewels for the market

Also earlier this week, I FINALLY sent off
my piece for March (!) of the felting exchange
(luckily the receiver was kind and patient)


(must hurry, so the next one will be on time !!!)

3 opmerkingen:

  1. when did you make the Break Free quilt? she's such a beauty as is all your work!

    1. Made that one in 2009 (third time in exhibition)
      (not so many big ones after that ...)

  2. Love the sweet simplicity of your 'Family' piece.. and the double sided quilt is just fabulous! x