zaterdag 18 juni 2016

s l o w l y ...

Oh yes,
things are going slowly
Don't know why,
they just do.

Here is my Solstice piece ...
but it won't be finished by far on the 21st !

Trying to capture the vibrant sunlight
in a lot of stitches !

Just taking the yellow threads as they are in front of me ...

In the garden everything is green 
because of the many rainy days.
Flowers are struggling with the water
that keeps pouring down,
(with some sunshine in between )

(foxgloves and Phlomis)

But some seem not to mind the wet weather ...
like this little toad
(there are many !)

soooooo tiny !!!


Last Friday we were just lucky in Rotterdam :
the rain stopped long enough
that lead up to the roof of a building next to the new Central Station

Ahhhhh ... a pity :
only till tomorrow ...

Looking down at the Station Square
from the top of  stairs and the building

The wonderful rooftop with faaaaaaar away,
right in the middle, the "Euromast"
(that one is much higher, so you have an even  better view from there  ;-) ...)

three towers of an Oil rig       and more high buildings in the city center 

"Inside" the building

It was fabulous !

And the most fun part was all the people (total strangers)
got talking to each other about their childhood memories.
Because the City Center was destroyed in the beginning of WW II
all of it was build again from scratch.

11 opmerkingen:

  1. love your celebration of the summer solstice with stitch!

    1. Made it a bit bigger than the original 20 x 20cm .... so it will definitely take longer ;-)
      How's your winter Mo ???

  2. dat solstichwork ziet er nu onaf al zoooo mooi uit!

    1. Dank je Yvet .... slowly going (maar Jude gaat harder, ik doe te veel andere dingen tussendoor !)

  3. Looks interesting your solstic piece. Doesn´t matter how long it will take -slow stich.

    1. No Doris, it doesn't matter how slow I'm going ;-)

  4. Nu al zo mooi jouw solstice werk!
    Bij mij gaat alles nu ook heeeeeel langzaam, dus bij deze nog bedankt voor je lieve mail ;-).

    1. Wij twee nemen kennelijk de tijd voor de dingen, ha !

  5. the Cloth is if Alive! BeautyFull...
    love the black and white in it...adds to it all

    and well...the tiny just born Toad....oh, EEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeee
    i can remember them so so well
    Love to you

    1. It is really fun to do, Grace !

      A LOT of those small ones are hopping around when I move the plants. The biggies have these beautiful GOLDEN eyes !