dinsdag 7 juni 2016

almost summer ...

The weather is really lovely and warm.

(although we had some heavy rain too but that is okay :
I don't have to water the garden)

dark leaved elderberry   and    the New dawn rose

Yesterday was such a nice warm evening
that I stayed outside after dinner to start with some new work.
All had quieted down :
only some distant blackbirds trying an early evening song,
and squeaking jackdaws up in the big trees
on the other side of the water
(and a very young one hiding in the ivy,
keeping a wary eye on me)

(I think he only just had left the nest !!!)

But I had other things to do :
trying another Summer solstice piece

Some hand dyed yellow
with a vintage lace "sun"
dyed indigo by my friend Birgit.

With this kind of work, I mostly don't have a "plan" ...
I go with the flow ...
(wherever it takes me ... IF it takes me anywhere ...)

Did some more today

basting ...
cut out the middle part ...
did some weaving ...

We'll see ...

Ahhhh last week I finished my "Canadian Connection" cowl !

You might remember I did this really fun knitting pattern
and realized I would be short on the "Mini Mochi" yarn I chose ...
Then this lovely lady Janie in Canada
sent me her yarn !
(all through "Ravelry"!)

Well, much too HOT for now
but when winter comes again ...  ;-)

Also last week I received another felting-exchange piece

(it was without a pin, but I sorted thát out right away !)

Thanks Petra !

8 opmerkingen:

  1. such a glorious garden and love the rich colours in your work

    1. Yeah Mo, the garden is almost at its best right now !

  2. Wie schön es in deinem Garen aussieht! Und was ein Glück, daß es bei euch geregnet hat..hier ist es mittlerweile staubtrocken, und ich muß viel, viel
    Sommerliche Grüße,

    1. Danke Gabi (obwohl es nur ein kleiner Fleck ist, wenn ich mich an deinen Garten erinnere ... ausserdem ist das Wasser hier nah !!!) Liebe Grüsse !

  3. How lovely your garden is looking Els… and yes, the odd spot of rain can be quite helpful at times, can't it! (Mind you, I wish it only rained at night!) You are so focused on your textiles - I wish I could regain my enthusiasm for mine… I expect it will , somewhere down the line! Lxxx

    1. Ha Lynne, it's difficult sometimes with busy people like US :-)

  4. In Nederland weet je maar nooit kan je sjaal maar klaar liggen toch...! Hij is echt mooi geworden houd van de kleuren...! En een gave broche.... Wat leuk he dat iedereen daar zijn eigen draai aan geeft...!

  5. ''going with the flow'' works brilliantly for you Els. I especially love the bright yellow and blue piece, it's very striking. Your garden looks lush, almost tropical....wonderful