zondag 4 september 2016

August(us) in September ...

Yesterday we had a special day
with our "Alpaca" knitting group.
Every month we go to one of the members,
but once a year we go to
"Villa Augustus"
a lovely restaurant / hotel in Dordrecht.

In August some of us were away on holiday,
so this special "Villa Augustus - day" was
the first Saturday in September this time.

Because it was cloudy we were inside at first,
but after the sun came out we moved to the terras !
The vegetable flower garden
looked gorgeous !

I didn't do much knitting :
I took the last of my paper strips to make
more hexahedrons
for the good-luck-charms
(ji xiang hua)

I have plenty now ...

All finished !

13 opmerkingen:

  1. Was sind das denn für schöne Schätze!? So bunt alle beieinander sehen sie wohl am allerschönsten aus!
    Einen feinen September wünsche ich Dir!

    1. Schön zusammen noch jetzt ... aber nicht lange mehr ;-)

  2. don't they look fabulous hanging together....I love them. The place you visited looks beautiful Els. I can imagine you had a wonderful day.

    1. Yes, they look good together, but they will be on their own soon !
      Such a wonderful restaurant indeed. With a fun shop too (with delicious bread and pies) and this beautiful garden.
      The only down point : it's SO noisy inside (as a former industrial building !)

  3. love this gathering of dongs & such a beautiful garden!

    1. ;-) Mo !
      YES !!! You would love that garden (and what they make in the restaurant out of it !)

  4. Hi Els, what a lovely tradition your group has. The charms are absolutely gorgeous, wow!

  5. Wat een fijne dag en een geluk dat jullie het samen en met zoveel vrienden mochten vieren. Alsnog van harte gefeliciteerd.