maandag 19 september 2016

Sunday and Stitch

Yesterday I went to Rotterdam.
(of course by boat)
Right in the center they are still building :
high rise buildings
because the the building plots are limited
and extremely expensive

These buildings are just on a strip
where there are some small harbor basins,
which are not really in use anymore.
(though the big cruise ships moor there in the river)

Old warehouses are converted into apartments

I thought there was a fun market :
vintage and craft.

The clutter some people throw out
is a find for others.

There wasn't much I liked
(I have enough clutter of my own at home !)
And no craft whatsoever. 

So I had more time to visit a friend
who wasn't able to visit our party

The trip on the boat was just right
for some more stitching :
just a plastic zip lock bag with some thread,
my piece and scissors kept me busy all the way

I continued today

And I think I'm nearly done ...

You might remember what happened to my dear
New Dawn rose in July ?

Look at her NOW :

green and in bloom again !

if you only could smell


3 opmerkingen:

  1. What a nice day in Rotterdam! I love that boat ride. This post brings back lovely memory of our visit! Your cloth looks fantastic! Love Nat

  2. Brings back lots of memories for me too xx