maandag 21 november 2016

we have a winner ....

Oh my ....
someone will be very happy
and others disappointed
Well that's the way it is, with this kind of thing
(maybe lucky another time !)

This super November moon

will go to :

who lives in Sweden
(or is it Finland ?)

Dear Emileitha,
send me an email with your address !

(that was yesterday evening, but I didn't
have time to post it .... so today it is !)

After making all these
Pink Ribbon textile jewels
I finally found time to make the BLUE earrings
that I wanted for a long time.
I have LOTS of earrings,
but not the blue I wanted

Yeaaaaah !
Of course the back is some tiny bit of Kaffe Fassett !

(that's the problem with making things yourself : 
most of the time,
you are the last person in line !!!)

and now I have two more felting exchange pieces to make
Might finish them just before it all ends  

2 opmerkingen:

  1. I m so happy . I m living in Sweden. i have e mail to you. I am inspired your greativity. Thank you ( Bad enligsh)

  2. Hi Tarja, I will take the envelope to the post tomorrow,
    and hope it arrives soon safely in Sweden !!!