donderdag 1 december 2016

december .....

first day of the last month of this year
a bit of winter

As I could have predicted in advance :
November was a quiet month
after the frantic activities of October.

I made some more textile jewels
(just because it was fun)
but couldn't get myself
into starting something new.
But, I had to make my last two (!) pieces
for the felting exchange.

I made the one for October first :
a (big) fish
of which I totally forgot to take pictures
before I sent him off.

Then, in the last days of November
I fi-nal-ly had the idea
for the Zodiac sign Virgo
(the September piece !)

shrunk to the right size !

It was quickly dry on the radiator
and then came the fun :


... and it arrived safely, I heard !

I also received one of my
last "jewels" (corsages) I asked for

Ha, it's almost like Medusa's head ...
but I like it !
Thanks Paulien !

There was more interest in it  :

Ha, ha, ha !

And in a few days
we have the children's feast
"St Nicolaas"

(dress rehearsal)

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  1. Reacties
    1. The last of the exchange ... it's fun, but sometimes difficult to come up with an idea, Tarja

  2. your felt Virgo is purrfect and oh! those frost limned leaves and butterfly!

    1. Thanks, Mo.
      Yes it's winter here ... how's the weather at your side ? warming up really ???