dinsdag 13 december 2016

odds and ends

This year
and December
is rushing to its end.

Well not really,
but it feels like that ...
and it's rather quiet on the creative end here.

Though I can tell
that I finally finished my "zigzag sock scarf"
(a name which asks for an explanation :
a scarf 
in a zigzag pattern
with leftover sock yarn)

I must confess that it was nearly lost :
I left the little bag on the boat
when I came back from Rotterdam some weeks ago
(there were a lot of other bags to take care of ...)
But last week it was reported found
so I picked it up ...
and started knitting right away !

(here the colours are better)

All there is left to do :
weave in the ends !!!

When the weather was great last week
I started the long postponed cutting
of some shrubs in the garden.
The dust bin for all the green stuff
was filled to the brim
so there is lots more still lying in the garden,
waiting for the next round ...
Today, on the other side of the water
some men were busy
making pollard willows of our willows again !
They had obviously waited too long :
the branches were as big as small trees !!!

(at my side of the water you can see
half the Buddleja cuttings still in the garden
and the "Black Knight" near the water, isn't even done yet)

And yesterday we had a very strange visitor (again)

a ring-necked parakeet !

These birds are NOT native birds here :
they either escaped from captivity
were just put "outside"
because their owners didn't like them anymore ...
(They originate from Africa, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka
but are good survivors now in many European countries !)

Very odd to see such a bright green bird
but they seem to flourish here

(this one is probably a youngster,
younger than the one we saw a few weeks ago :
this one doesn't have the dark ring
around its neck yet)

8 opmerkingen:

  1. love seeing your garden and the new scarf is a beauty!

  2. Bunt und exotisch (irgendwo in D gibt es eine Stadt, in der viele Papageien zwischen den einheimischen Vögeln leben).
    Langsam kehrt hier wieder Ruhe ein, ich melde mich.

  3. Happy Holidays dear Els! How special that you've got parakeets where you are -- definitely not something I'd expect for NL. Hope you have a lovely holiday and a wonderful new year. xo

  4. Fijn dat het breiwerk weer terug is :-)

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  6. I would like to wish you a very happy Christmas Els xxx

  7. Ahhhh thank you all !
    I had lovely quiet family christmas days !