zaterdag 11 februari 2017

projects, small and big

I'm not a one-thing-only person.

It might be a flaw,
not able to stick to one technique
and becoming really good at it,
but that's how it is.

So, small projects,
like the little knitting needle pouches.
I must say I got carried away,
looking in my stash for suitable fabrics :
the Kaffe Fassett ones jumped out 
"use me, use me ... "

Ah yes,
why not make a whole rainbow of pouches ???

Two weeks ago a St'nB friend in Rotterdam
had the most wonderful tiny
knitting project :

Of course I was immediately thinking
of our dear Bagheera ...

I finished him today and brought him to daughter.

Another small project was making pictures
for daughter's knitting course :

double knitting, step-by-step

Then there are socks again,
this time with the most wonderful wool
that my friend Birgit gave me
She is such a great dyer !!!

I have two "cakes", one for each sock.
I mixed it with some solid purple that was in my stash
(that way I can make more out of it ...  ;-)  ... !)

But the really BIG project isn't mine at all !
Water management
is a very important issue in our low country.
So every few years the local small waterways 
canals, ditches have to be "cleaned"

This moment the little canal
next to our garden is being cleaned ...
with something that looks like a giant
water vacuum cleaner !

(the cleaner hose)

Right at this moment, a very COLD job !

Our early little flowers are hiding under a bit of snow right now !

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr  !

12 opmerkingen:

  1. love your rainbow of pouches and the chilly pics of your garden is so refreshing on this very hot weekend here in the Land Down under

  2. Guten Morgen, liebe Els,
    Dein Regenbogen ist wunderbar anzusehen. Diese Stricknadeltaschen sehen praktisch aus - und schön.
    Einen angenehmen Sonntag wünscht Dir Heidi

  3. Ja, brrrr..hier ist es auch immer noch sooo kalt!
    Die kleine Strickkatze ist wunderhübsch, liebe Els!
    Viele Grüße,

  4. A stash to die for :-) Love these colors at the end of winter ( hopefully it is)

  5. :-) yes Doris ! (and you don't need a lot)
    The winter aconites are many now !!!

  6. Hello Els, it looks jolly chilly there! I love your various projects, so good to know that having lots of things on the go is "allowed". I was brought up with "don't start something else until you've finished that one Kath"!! I still find that voice hard to get past.
    We had the pleasure of a Kaffe Fassett talk here in Sussex, he was speaking at Standen, a wonderful NT property just outside East Grinstead - I bought a book - he signed it!!!! :-)
    Actually, I thought he looked rather tired, but my goodness, he will be 80 this year!

    1. By now you must have found the courage Kat ... ! :-)
      Ahhhh meeting the Master must have been great ! Still going strong for some time I hope ! Looking through his books is always a trip into the land of plenty colours !

  7. Kaffe Fasset? Fabric heaven I think....I hope you are feeling better Els xxx

    1. Indeed it is. Karen
      (and I'm well again, but daughter came after me and the
      youngest one now has chicken pocks ..... :-( ...)