dinsdag 31 januari 2017

a tiny bit of flu ...

No, it's not very bad
but no appetite at all
and lots of sleep
so only a little of January
that was left

We had ice !!!

Though not very thick
so NO big tours
(that's what a LOT of Dutch people LOVE)

And of course we had our bird guests :


Made just a few stitches for
"a year of stitches : 2017"


Some new zig-zag socks

And you might have problems transporting your
W.I.P socks when you use small sock needles :

this solves that problem !
(so I made a few more of these pouches)

(hmmmm making it an early night again)

14 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh that first picture! So dutch, sweet :)

  2. The first picture looks like a painting by the dutch artist Hendrick Avercamp. Nice.

    Greetings from Doris

  3. What for a nice picture like paintings. I like your stiching. Regarding the course for dying ...mhm you don`t have courses in your surrounding? ..or i have to come to the Netherlands with a big Car and a lot of dying Pots ;-))next year?. LG Anke

    1. Danke Anke.
      Jaaaa ich denke schon, aber ich liebe was ich sehe bei dir ;-)

      (hmmmm, vielleicht eine Idee ... )

  4. It's beautiful Els. It reminds me of the time you took us to see the windmills :)

  5. lots of lovely pictures and work!
    and of cause you can felt your own "Dreischwanzkaulquappe", I'm looking forward to see it! Warm greetings from very grey Paris!

  6. Ahh, ja, jetzt weiß ich, was du meinst, Els! Teile meinen Rechner gerade mit dem Sohn (Physik-Facharbeit), da ist mir wohl etwas entgangen. Danke nochmal, ist schon eingeweiht. Kommt mit zum nächsten Sockenpost.
    Ich denk an dich,