vrijdag 17 maart 2017

a special day

17 - 3 - 17

For quite some time now
March 17
is a special day for us :
on this date, on a Sunday,
our dear daughter was born !
(we always look at the daffodils :
are they in bloom, just as they were at that day ?)

Such a sweet tiny thing she was
(and sweet she still is, now proud mother of three !)

(4 weeks, on my birthday)

(never can resist daffodils in the shop ...) 

Though the real birthday party
will be next Sunday,
I could give her my present this afternoon.

I worked on it for a long time before I was satisfied
(and had to hide it every time,
so the surprise wouldn't be spoiled)

Portrait number three

So now all three kids will be next to each other.

Now I have time to continue the flower drawings I made earlier.

I still had time to do the knitting
(of course, she could see that
and didn't need to be hidden ...)

One is halfway the foot
and the on other I can start with the special "Strong" heel ...
I'll take them tomorrow when we go to the Rotterdam St'nB.

It will most probably be raining ...
but, we're going anyway :
we plan to go to the Farmer's market too.

14 opmerkingen:

  1. a beautiful portrait Els! you've caught the clear eyed muschievous innocence of youth

    1. Thanks Mo, it took me a lomg time (and waiting in between) before I got him "right" ...

  2. Vanuit Dordrecht felicitaties voor de hele familie!

  3. So beautiful Els. Your daughter will be so happy and proud of her mom. Have a great birthday party!

  4. What a beautiful birthday present!
    Warm greetings from Paris!

  5. GEWELDIG. Wat een prachtig portret. Dat is toch het mooiste cadeau wat je kunt krijgen als moeder.

  6. such a beautiful baby Els....happy belated birthday to her xxx

  7. Thanks Svea, Karen !
    Dankje naamgenoot ;-)

  8. Such gorgeous portraits! How wonderful to have all 3 displayed together. Happy belated birthday Els.xx