vrijdag 31 maart 2017

March marched by

Last day of March ...
sometimes I wonder where did the days go

I've been busy stitching again
You know I work in waves :
knitting wave
painting wave
drawing wave
felting wave
stitching wave
garden wave
(Yes, that last one was necessary
since spring has begun
and there was lots of stuff that
had to go in the "green" bin,
not finished there yet)

So :
stitching !

(lots of snippets that have a meaning to me
or come from far away, like the black-and-red shibori silk)

I always love the back
with the "glue-stitches" in place)

But I work at two at a time :

a nine-patch cat

Mister "Starry Eyes"
(he's almost finished but I didn't take a picture tonight)

I love it when I can use small bits in the pattern :
like the nose and the eye.

In the garden colours have changed from white and yellow
to blue and a bit of purple


(and tomorrow another "Alpaca" knitting day ...
back to the socks then)

16 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh wie wunderbar! Ich liebe es, wie Du die Nase und die Augen aus den Stoffmusterungen hervorgezaubert hast! Und die Schnurrbarthaare! Wie sie blau anfangen und dann weiß weiterwachsen. Märchenhaft!
    Herzliche Grüße

    1. Danke Heidi, die Katze hat soviel Spass gemacht ...

  2. oh wow, you can grow Fritillaria, have only ever seen them in photographs and your Mister Starry Eyes is so full of fun and mischief!

    1. YES Mo, even a lot of Fritillaria Meleagris ;-)
      (happy autumn !)

  3. heerlijk heerlijk heerlijk...ik kom effies snoepen vsan heerlijk en heb het idee dat veel van jou in mijn tuin opkomt...yes!!!

    1. Fijn Yvette !
      (altijd weer leuk als geruild goed 't doet !)

  4. Oh, Els, dein 'stray' ist grandios! Gelassen und ein wenig neugierig schaut er.
    Letztes Jahr war's schön in Armhem, heute ist L. erste Wohnungsbesichtigung.....vielleicht klappt es ja. Bis bald, Birgit

    1. Hmmmmmm .... "Katzen" !!!
      (Den 1. April letztes Jahr war besser als diesen ... :-( Alles gute mit L. !)

  5. I adore your little cat stitching piece! Happy Spring, Els! xx

  6. Your Mister Starry Eyes is gorgeous! I love the colours you've chosen for him too. LOve your flowers, blue ones are definitely the best in my opinion.
    Jess xx

  7. Thanks Jess !
    Speedwell and forget-me-not's are reinforcing the "blue" now

  8. I am in love with Mister Starry Eyes - - - and our gardens are doing the same thing :-)