donderdag 15 juni 2017

stitching in the garden

The fun of the warm weather these last few days
is sitting in a bit of shade in the garden
and stitching.

A piece that was in my hands quite some time ago
nears completion now.

"Sweet Sunrise"
Stitching. but also
working in the garden from time to time

I took out all of the Allium roseum stems
I have enough of them
and don't want MORE little bulbs to fall of the old flower heads !

But I saved the bulbs that came out while pulling the stems

I'll send them on to friends !
(with a secure warning about the behavior of Allium roseum :
they spread like mad   ;-)  !)

But the Alliums have been followed up already

by lots of others

by small ones or tall ones !

all kinds of shapes !

old and new goes together quite well !

a new Drumstick Allium in a week, 
new bluebells in years to come !

small and even tiny
(but I don't want these micro moss "palm trees")

A garden is such a joy !!!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. love those first 2 images of your stitching. you've made it look like chenille. beautiful.

    1. Thanks Deanna ! You KNOW stitching can be such a joy !!!
      (and I've so many lovely threads to choose from)

  2. Wunderschönstes " freies" Sticken!
    Das möchte ich auch lernen und so fein umsetzen können wie du !
    Herzlichst Angela

  3. such beautiful colours in your stitching and your glorious garden with so many plants I have never seen before

    1. Thanks Mo !
      (would be the same for me in your "down under" garden ...!)