woensdag 19 juli 2017

a day in Hoorn ...

Weavers market in Hoorn
only once a year on a Wednesday in July ...
Many "textile-friends" 
have that date fixed in their calendar !

Daughter and I were going by our friend Caroline's car,
a one and a half hour drive from Rotterdam.

A warm and sunny day
(though the weather forecast wasn't that pleasant for the afternoon ...)

There were already lots and lots of people when we arrived !
We split because Caroline waited for some more friends
that were coming from other places.

colours !

peg loom and wooden printing blocks

"Kantha" (inside of a jacket)

"Kantha" (outside of another one)

Soooo much to see ...
sooooo many goodies ...
I know there were others (that I know) on the market
but I hardly saw a familiar face,
only lovely "STUFF"

The five of us had a good lunch near the harbor ...

(no ... no eel ...
they were just bringing these inside, from the "IJsselmeer")

... on a (wobbly) boat, with a view on the harbor mouth
where lots of sailboats were seeking refuge
for the foretold bad weather)

(bad weather that didn't come)

Then back to the market !

Where there was some lady, that makes beautiful shrouds out of felt, for burial

And more stalls with more lovely items.

In the end of the afternoon it was so hot again
that we went home before it all ended.

At home Man waited with hommmme mmmmmade Lasagna !!!
Mmmmmmmmmmmm !

Time to see what goodies the two of us had

A hand dyed shawl, cotton scrim, wool with silk,
silk hankies, labradorite pendant, drop spindle and some
special closures for felted bags.
Abundance ! 


Because of the sweltering heat in the afternoon
the toads (eight or nine) came out for diner ...
probably flying ants.

What a day !

9 opmerkingen:

  1. love the rainbow of treasures you gathered and thank you for the link to Rest in Felt, such stunning work, especially the piece with the shells and the edge by the sea

    1. It was a GOOD day, Mo.
      Yes, Jantine makes such amazing work !

  2. je hebt jezelf goed in de hand weten te houden.......
    wish i was there


  3. What a fabulous day!
    The market looks amazing, and I love toads so much! x

    1. Yes, that market is a winner !
      Lots of toads : they have enough places to hide (and they usually are) LOVE the tiny new ones, all dark still !

  4. I love such pictures of markets and wool and textile. greatings Anke

  5. je hebt jezelf goed in de hand weten te houden.......
    wish i was there