zondag 30 juli 2017

new felt

Some of the hand dyed wool
we bought in Hoorn
is now used to make something new :
wrist warmers
(like the ones I made some time ago)

(wool with silk)

(these were the ones I made at Katia Mokeyeva's workshop)

And because it is such fun
(and because there is more hand dyed wool in our stash)
there came another pair


Luckily creativity runs in the family !

Granddaughter bought some simple black shoes ...

Now they're not simple anymore, but 

With the use of a white Posca pen, a lot of time and her skills
she changed them into these !!!

(she's got talent !)

I the garden things keep changing
lots of pinks again.

Though the heavy rains of the last few days
aren't very nice to the phlox
and they all hang their heads,  heavy with raindrops

In our "green" water next to the garden
the coots are having their nth bunch of youngsters ...

(four on the day before yesterday ...
today I saw only three !)

4 opmerkingen:

  1. your wrist warmers are a delight and your garden is so beautiful!

    1. ((Mo))
      That Althea cannabina is like a huge fountain of delicate pink flowers ... love it !

  2. Heerlijk om weer eens door je blog te struinen. Zo veel moois en zo veel kleuren!