zondag 1 april 2018

fooling Easter ?

Easter on the first of April,
funny  ...
though we're a LOT happier than a year ago
(when we spent the day in hospital !
happy to have left thát behind us ...)

A gray day today
and not very warm too !
Not at all what you expect on Easter.

So why not make our own nice day :

Spring flowers from daughter
a bunch of (good old) Easter bunnies
and one of my gouache paintings that I've been making
the last three months.

A happy weekend to you all out there !

8 opmerkingen:

  1. (((Else))) love your painting celebrating the love for a hen and her chicks!

  2. Reacties
    1. ((Hazel)) It's so much fun to come up with a new idea every time ...
      (I counted yesterday : 32 so far !!!)

  3. Wat een prachtige gouache. Kan er naar blijven kijken.

    1. Een kleintje maar hoor (9 x 14 cm) maar ik hou van dat "gepriegel" Het is zoooo leuk om te doen ! En de ideeën blijven nog steeds komen ... ;-)

  4. So nice your painting! Will you tell us the whole story of the girl, the hen and the chicks?
    Warm greetings from Paris!

    1. You could think up a lot of stories .... that's what I like about paintings, they are all a little episode in one story or another ...
      Hope Paris has spring like us now, Svea !