maandag 30 april 2018

last day of April

(Ohhhh where did this month go ?)

Some years ago we had our
"Queen's day"
on the last day of the month,
but now that we have a king
"King's day"
is already on the 27th of April ...

(that was a sunny day...
but today was WET and COLD !)

The garden is greeeeeen !
With blues of the forget-me-not, muscari,
bluebells and the wonderful
camassia leichtlinii 

I couldn't help it : HAD to draw one ...

(first pencil, then pen, and gouache,
though I loved the paper  that I used before better)
Will do some more around it ...
but I'm not sure what yet

(the trees almost stopped flowering after the rains
of the last two days)

I hope for a bit warmer May !

4 opmerkingen:

  1. (((Els))) love seeing your spring flowers, have never seen Camassia leichtlinii before!

    1. Spring is abundant right now, late but in full swing now,Mo !!!

  2. I love your beautiful painting, so delicate x

    1. Thanks Mrs. B ;-)
      Flowers die all too quickly ... this way they stay a bit longer !