dinsdag 27 november 2018


After all the Pink Ribbon activity in October
came some serious felting
in the first two weekends of November.

The regional group
of our Dutch felting society
gave us the opportunity
to make shoes or boots.
(some of the members did a real shoe-workshop,
then made another pair and then
five of them wanted to teach us)

With three together
we carpooled to the tree-nursery region
where one of the members has a felting studio
in a greenhouse.
The sun was shining ...
but at first it was COLD !
(but we were warned :
and had many layers of clothing !)

After measuring our feet
we had to adjust the lasts according to those measures.

Iiiiiiieeeee not nice, cutting into the styrofoam !

We also made the reinforcement for the heel

Weighing the wool, making the resist for the felt,
and having a nice lunch filled up that first day.

The next day the serious felting began !
Still COLD but the sun heated up the greenhouse quit nicely.

Starting with the  B I G  resist !

The first of many layers ! 

After working for a considerable time
I could cut the form in half
making two shoes

After a bit more felting I put in the lasts
and continued felting
to let them shrink to the form.

We took the half finished shoes home.

Luckily I could take out the lasts without
having to cut the sole !!!

Then there was more felting, till they fit around my feet !

After they were dry I could cut the shape I wanted :
I decided for booties instead of shoes with laces.

Next weekend was the final day :
punching holes for laces,
gluing in the contrefort and putting on the soles.

Ta-daaaaah !

Very happy !

(some others too !)

It was a LOT of work
but soooooo much FUN !

14 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh Els wie wundervoll ist das denn, Schuhe selbstgefilzt. Gratuliere ganz toll sehen deine aus, die richtige Winterfarbe! Das sieht nach richtiger Arbeit aus! Bekommt man solche Sohlen so einfach zu kaufen? herzliche Grüße Anke

    1. Danke Anke, sie sind schön WARM ;-)
      (ich hab dir eine Nachricht geschickt)

  2. Wow love your bespoke boots and have deep admiration for all the work involved after trying to make a pair of felt slippers last year!

  3. Prachtig, Els. En in één van je favoriete kleurtjes....

    1. Dankje Siets, haha, het was toch best nog wel moeilijk kiezen, maar ik ben er erg blij mee !!!

  4. Reacties
    1. Yes ! and they are so warm !!!
      (would do in Seattle too ;-) )

  5. Total coole Schuhe, liebe Els! :-)))

    1. Danke dir Gabi ! Die viele Arbeit hat sich gelohnt !!!

  6. Oh my what fun you had - and I love the colour. They must be very warm and comfy :-)