donderdag 15 november 2018

the final PINK result


Oh boy, it has been a while 

After finishing the last Pink Ribbon jewel
on Wednesday October 31
there was the start of a lot-of-hard-work workshop :
felting shoes !
It was a lot of FUN but it was quite cold
and a LOT of hard work indeed !
(3 days)
But more on thát later !

Although, at the beginning of the month,
I didn't know if I would be able
to keep it up till the end,
I luckily did !!!
(but I still must be careful with my back)

The very last EXTRA jewels
that I had to make
will be going to the post next week !

Then the final amount I can transfer to PINK  RIBBON will be

€  525.-

I want to THANK all the generous buyers
who made this possible !

Madelon, Alet, Karen, Gerda
Ellen, Dee, Joke, Siets,
Sjaak, Evelien, Sandra,
Larisa, Corinna, Anke, Ulrike,
 Hazel , Maria, Nancy,
Catherina, Delia,
Kate, Jolan



(you might count the names and NOT come to 31 ...
that's because there were people who bought 
MORE than one jewel !!!)


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