dinsdag 5 februari 2019


Stitching is still "hot"
It's so easy to take with you :
a cloth
a needle (or two)
some threads
and scissors
on the boat,
in a waiting room,
at the Alpaca knitting group
(no ... they didn't mind !)

I did some really small pieces
with mostly ONE kind of stitch

buttonhole stitch
Cotton (in fact for crochet), embroidery floss, rayon and silk
on shot cotton (with a piece of felt at the back)
10 x 10 cm

Initially I did one like this in reds
on white cotton with a ragged edge,
but stitching on the edge
on not easy then !
So for the blue one I took a bigger piece of fabric
but still a 10 x 10 piece of felt.

A nearby trip last week
through a foggy landscape
resulted in this gray and white
feather stitch piece.

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  1. Reacties
    1. I'm happy with the seed stitches binding it all together ...

  2. Klein aber fein und doch so wirkungsvoll.
    Lieben Inselgruß

  3. How absolutely lovely. Isn't buttonhole a delight to experiment with - I was allocated it for the stitch dictionary we put together at our EG branch - gosh, back in 2015!
    Your winter trees are wonderfully evocative too.

    1. Thanks Kat ! Buttonhole proves to be a versatile stitch

  4. Hallo Els, ich binauf deinem blog und alles was du machst, gefällt mit richtig gut. Die gefilzten Sächelchen, so schön und gut genäht. Es macht Spass, alles anzusehen.

    1. Dankeschön Anneliese ! (liebe Grüsse an Doris ;-) !)

  5. Oh my gosh, I love all of them, but I really love the winter trees!