donderdag 14 februari 2019

just lovely

A sunny day
the first that let us think that 
is not so far away anymore.

(though the rest of February and also March
can be rather cold still)

Ahhhhh !

There was some stitching of course

10 x 10
in black (gray) and white.

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Oja, endlich Frühling. Schön auch wieder deine Stickerei.
    Liebe Inselgrüße

  2. such beauty in your garden and stitching

    1. Another warm day, so I did some (much needed) window cleaning, and cutting away last year's stuff around all those lovely flowers !

  3. now I have snowdrop envy!!!!! Your garden looks to be further along than mine, but I do have a couple of snowdrops and crocuses smiling in the sunshine.
    Loving that subtle grey and white stitchery :-)

    1. ((Kat)) ALWAYS love the snowdrops ! Though there aren't that many BIG clusters ... some places they've grown less : probably because I've been too busy with other things there (the problem is I don't know where exactly they were, in summer :-/ ...)

    2. yes, that's always the problem isn't it - those lovely things come up I spring, die down again and then we make plans for "something" and can't remembers where the bulbs were until they reappear on the end of the fork!!
      Hey ho