zondag 19 mei 2019

19 - 5 - 19

On some days you get more lucky
than on other days :

our Art Market day in Buren wasn't what you call a success.

The new organization didn't run smoothly :
we had to pay there, and wait in a long line
till our name and number were found.
There were not many people to assist in other ways.
Parking and unloading was a mess !
(surely you think about that when you get a hundred cars
in an old fortified town ... ?)

The day had started gray, but soon the sun came out
and while building up the stand
it got really warm
(though the forecast wasn't very good)

Well, our neighbours were nice and we talked a lot and had fun,
but there were not as many visitors as we all hoped
(probably not advertised enough !)

The weather was great
there were drinks and music
(lots of compliments from the public)
but hardly any of the artists had sold much.
So ...
a sunny Sunday
but not a very good one in terms of sales
(next time better)


12 opmerkingen:

  1. (((Els))) love your beautiful blues, x fingers for a sell out show next time!

  2. Schade, die Leute wissen nicht, was sie verpasst haben. Schöne Stein-Stickerei!
    LG, Birgit

    1. ((Birgit)) danke ;-)
      (die Organisation war nicht sehr gut ...)

  3. Wat jammer Els, al die energie voor bijna niets. Ik vind je wel erg courageuse. Ik doe alleen maar drie Kerstmarkten

    1. ((Baukje)) stoppen met werken is geen optie ;-)
      (3 kerstmarkten is wel véél op elkaar !)

  4. It is dispiriting when all that work bears little or no fruit but don't be downhearted- another time will be better!

  5. ((Louise)) textile art is still often a "problem" (but to stop is no option ha !)
    (the sales of all the others were bad too)

  6. Es ist gut, dass du dich nicht entmutigen lässt. Du machst sooo schöne Sachen.

    1. Danke dir ((Doris))
      (es scheint, so was muss es auch mal geben)

  7. such a shame the market wasn't as you hoped it would be...but at least you had good company x

    1. Well never had that experience before ... (there is a first for everything ;-) ...)
      (the organization did it for the first time: they might have thought they could just pick it up when the former people left .... not !)