vrijdag 10 mei 2019


On Sunday next week, May 19
I will be at the art fair in Buren

Buren is a small historic town
just between the two big rivers that run across Holland
east to west (in the "Betuwe")
Buren is called "Oranje-stad" because 
William of Orange (ancestor of our Royal family)
married Anna van Buren in 1551

The art fair is held in the garden of the former orphanage
(now the "Marechausseemuseum")

I finally found a good way to show
my tiny felted birds on small wooden discs

The wren and the long-tailed tit were the first.

And there are more textile necklaces in the making

a blue one and a green / turquoise one.

I still have a hole week !

Near the front door we had some serious trouble
with the sewerage, so that had to be taken care of ...

I really feared for this beautiful shrub
(don't remember the name but it is in full bloom just now !)
so I pruned it considerably smaller ! 

Digging a BIG hole was needed
but :

the man came up with a brilliant solution !

(pfffffffft ... shrub saved !)

8 opmerkingen:

  1. love the wood stands for the felted birds, the new necklace and the good save for your beautiful shrub!

    1. Thanks ((Mo))
      (do you know the name ? it smells great and bees love it too)

  2. Reacties
    1. Thanks Tarja !
      Glad I now know how to fix the feet and onto the wooden disc ...)

  3. Oh Els, was für zauberhafte Vögelchen!

    1. Danke dir Gabi !
      Geübt habe ich zuerst nach deiner Anleitung ... aber diese hier sind winzig im vergleich zu deine Tiere

  4. good luck with your craft fair Els, the little birds are amazing!! William of Orange.....he is familiar to us too, ha, ha....xxx

    1. Thanks Karen !
      (that was another, later William of Orange ;-) )