woensdag 19 juni 2019

19 - 6 - 19 (summer garden)

The year is almost halfway gone
some sunny days 
so we're enjoying the garden.

But there's been enough rain for some super growth,
so lots of "too much" into the green-bin.
(Though I put three loads in the bin
you can't see where it came from in the garden !)

Lychnis coronaria pops up along the edges,
love the silver and magenta !

My beauty : New Dawn ... sooo fragrant !
(no black spot yet ...)

Ornitogalum magnum goes well with the Trifolium rubens !

View from the balcony with contrasting tree leaves
(Ginkgo, Malus, Acer and Sambucus)

Some visiting friends

And many blue and white Campanula persicifolia

(we had some big thunderstorms today ...
more rain
so more growth to come   ;-)  !)

6 opmerkingen:

  1. your summer garden is glorious (((Els)))!

    1. Thanks Mo, yes it looks good !
      (always amazed how much "green" you have to get out every now and then ... but YOU will know ;-) !)

  2. so so LUSH! to have a Garden as a long time
    friend..just so tender a love

  3. Einen Garten wie aus dem Märchenbuch hast du! Wunderbar!!
    Der Sturm gestern war in Münster (war zum Weben) noch heftiger als zuhause, aber das Wasser tut den Pflanzen gut!
    Bis bald, Birgit

    1. Ja, ich muss nicht Wasser giessen wie letztes Jahr !
      (wir freuen uns, und ich bringe ein bisschen Garten mit ;-) !)