zondag 2 juni 2019


How time flies ... and

in a week we will have another market
(Sunday June 9)

This time the Pinksterfestival BRUMMEN :
four days of fun, music thearter and
on Sunday the Art Market !

I love my little wet felted birds
so I brought down my "Bergschaf" wool
to start some new ones.

Ahhhh ... it looks like a sad little dead bird
but I can assure you
he'll be okay !

The robin and the wagtail
in their first stage

Then came another favorite of mine,
a woodpecker (grote bonte specht)
who sometimes visits the peanut butter jar
in winter !

(could work outside today !)
I will soon sew on his eyes, make his feet,
and then find a nice trunk to sit on !

Can't stop enjoying my garden !

something "new" almost every day !

Nigella damascena
isn't it a beauty ?

2 opmerkingen:

  1. love your birds & that's such a beautiful photo of Nigella, a favourite flower also knows as devil in the bush!