zaterdag 31 augustus 2019

last August day

Sometimes I wonder :

where do the days go ?

This last August day was the fifth Saturday
of the month :
I   love   Saturdays.

This Saturday I used
to go to a fun small plant market
(organized by "Groei & Bloei", a garden-lovers society)
with also some nice art and vintage.
I went with my dear garden-friend Rhonda
who was just back from a family visit
for a month Down Under !
Both our gardens are full ...
but we bought some plants nevertheless.

It is also the last Saturday (weekend)
of the school summer holidays :
school for the grandchildren will start again on Monday.
Free fun time over !
(though not for us)

Last week the house painter finally began with some work :
the railing of the balcony needed some serious  paint and repair

(from far away it still looks all right ...)
which meant however
I had to cut back the Buddleja and the Wisteria

A few flowers were all that was left
(they had to go for the raising of the slabs too, so ...) 

A lovely view on the greens with no railing left


I started on some new felting project
though I can't tell much about it yet

Preparations before I can really start

A LOT of thinking and planning needed ...

6 opmerkingen:

  1. (((Els))) your garden is always a delight to see & love your wild felted spines!

    1. ((Mo)) it's rather small, three trees : Ginkgo and one to the right, one to the left are ours, the rest are across the water (apartments 4 high behind them !)
      (but I probably wouldn't manage much more ...)

  2. I can't wait to see what those rainbow felted wiggles become :-)
    We are having our large shed replaced and I've had to severely cut back a couple of lovely roses. Hoping they recover and your wisteria too. Buddleia will survive anything

    1. The spiky thing is drying right now ... :-) but can't tell anything yet.
      It really hurts cutting back lovely plants .... can't you take cuttings ??? I got from a friend some cuttings from a rambling wild rose thingy .... doubted it at first but they're doing just fine ! Hope the hide the "bad" Malus next year !

    2. I didn't think of taking cuttings - silly me, especially as The Man can make almost anything grow as long as it doesn't mind being overwatered! I shall look forward to an update on "the spiky thing"
      Good luck with the Saturday market, hope the weather shines on you