zondag 25 augustus 2019

number 4

After the "VERWEVEN" Textile Market
in Zierikzee was canceled
a new date was set for September 7
but it turned out
half of the stand holders
couldn't switch to that new date
so next year August 15 will be the new date.

A pity, but the original day was really very wet
and that's just the problem for an outside market :
at least you have to have good (dry) weather.

After some time-out
(reading books)
I finished the belt for the last little pouch !

Four little leaves were repeated for the belt

 The first layers with the inside pocket.
This first layer is shining through
the purple on the outside in the end.

A dark purple on the back and the strip of plastic
to make the slit for the belt

Shrinkage almost done(lighter purple up front and a leaf
on the inside of the flap too.

Drying outside

The hand dyed wool for the flap (daughter)
was so nice that I made a pair of wrist warmers
to go with the bag


In the garden the roses have started to bloom again
(the New Dawn looked very "black spotted" bad
but has new leaves and flowers too)

My very last allium of the year Allium tuberosum (garlic chives)
loooves to be in a place with no competitors ...
so between the slabs is a great place !

this autumn the slabs must be raised
So before that I must collect all my special-place-lovers in pots.


Last Friday the man in the funny boat
that "cleans" the waterway along the garden
from too many vegetation got "stuck" :
the wind (or someone) threw something
that looked like an old umbrella into the water.

It took him quite some time to clear the propeller !!!

7 opmerkingen:

  1. your art and your garden are such a delight!

  2. Die Tasche und die Stulpen sind richtige Hingucker, dazu wieder ein bisschen Stickerei, das liebe ich ja ;O)
    Lieben Inselgruß

    1. Danke Kerstin ! Ich finde die Tragegurt für die Tasche muss auch schön sein !
      Jaaaa Stülpenzeit kommt wieder näher ;-)

  3. Yet more bag loveliness - I am in awe of the way you construct these with little inner pockets and slots for belts and little bits added in. Wonderful

    1. Thanks Kat ! Felting is thinking ahead ;-)
      I think every bit of these pouches must fit together !
      (I made two earlier to wear on an ordinary belt, but I think this is more special ...)

  4. so hübsch Els!!!Kam lange nicht mehr zum lesen - liebe Grüße!