vrijdag 20 september 2019

19 - 9 - 19 (forgot again ...)

I knew this would happen :
that I forgot the funny-date-post ...

(that happens when your life isn't ruled anymore by work and dates)

Last Sunday, daughter and I went to the Textile Biannual

(till Sunday October 6)

We visit that lovely small (old and new) museum
in a town that has grown into
our government city The Hague.
(bonus : there was also a small textile market that day !)

(sorry didn't find all the names ...)

We had a lovely day together
and I can only say that there was some beautiful work
it was for us (!)
not the WOW-factor that we experienced other years

That can happen

Go see for yourself !

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow, love the blue and white concentric stitching in the corner & the wild pearl and lace encrusted phallic cacti like forms!