zaterdag 14 september 2019

just wonderful

This was a SUNNY day
(in more than one way !)

Saturday early morning traffic is low :
it took us only one hour to the

Someone had cancelled, so the stall
between us and our next neighbour was empty
and we were allowed to divide that space between us.
(some welcome extra space, easily filled !)

Ready for the customers to arrive !

The sun shining, the stall filled,
so just time to do a quick round at the market
and greet some lovely people we met last year.

This market is such a happy mix of artistic and ecological products.

(with a welcome of the organization
with coffee / tea and something sweet !)

Lots of people came by during the day.
I talked and explained a lot about the things I make.
I received lots of compliments,
and I had wonderful new
and even some "old" customers

THANK  YOU  all very much !!!

I hope you enjoy the things you bought, for a loooong time !

And imagine this :
when we came home
our daughter had made us a wonderful dinner !

("Kip in de Hoed"   Cherry/chicken Pie)

Totally unexpected, but 
soooooooooooo sweet !!!

Thanks my love !

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