donderdag 14 november 2019

Textiel Plus Festival

Just for the readers in the Netherlands ...

Yesterday I brought my felt work
for the exhibition,
but today I had an extra day in Den Bosch

We had a felting demonstration,
and looked around at the festival
at the various stalls with materials ...

I met old and new friends
and saw some awesome textile artwork
in the exhibition !

I had seen pictures of all the work
pictures of textile art work
do justice to the real thing !!!

(ahhhhh ... looked a lot ...
but forgot to take pictures of the ones I liked best)

If you live in Holland :

go visit the festival !!!

(I'll be there again on Saturday)

My felted work :

"birth of colours"

"The Moon Swan looked at the earth that was dull and gray.
She spread her wings and hovered through the starry night to the earth.
There she laid an egg, cold as ice.
She cherished the egg every night,
and every morning, the sun kissed it.
Until ...
one morning ...
the colours were born !"


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