donderdag 7 november 2019

the end result ... !

After the very busy
PINK RIBBON October month

it gets always quiet
a bit like a collapsed souffle
but a task well done too.

(that last purple one went to the US
and the little leaf landed on my own winter coat
the very last will go to Germany)

And the best part of it all is the end result

€ 575

no ...

€ 600
(because of an extra donation !)

I'm very pleased I can send the money
so there can be more research
for new medication
and aftercare
for breast cancer patients

I did my part,
making a Textile Jewel every day
you out there
did the rest by donating
so generously

So  THANK  YOU  so much :

Dorie, Dee, Karen
Titia, Rina, Silke, Morag
Dawn, Simone, Jolan, Sue 
Baukje, Twink
Elke, Joke, Madelon
Leonie, Lee, Caroline

You might count the names and not come to 31 jewels
but there were even 7 extra jewels made ...
some people just couldn't stop buying !


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