woensdag 5 februari 2020


When I took up knitting again
(after a looong non-knitting period
and then discovering the beautiful sock yarn
with long colour changes)
I made a lot of pairs of socks.

Now, all but one pair of winter shoes
are big enough to wear home knitted socks :
never again cold feet

But lately I discovered some very thin patches,
only the nylon in the wool left !
(hmmmmm ... that's because I always walk on my socks inside the house)
Time for some serious darning !!!

Unfortunately I had nothing of the original colour left
(and nothing close)

Nothing to worry :
as long as I don't put my feet up !

My mother's old darning tool
came in handy

(some more pairs waiting for the same treatment !)


We had no winter to speak of
but in the garden spring seems to be on its way.

Daughter brought spring for inside

8 opmerkingen:

  1. (((Els))) wow! that's such perfect darning & love seeing your spring bulbs happening!

    1. ((Mo)) learned that a looooooooooong time ago hahaha !
      (no winter, to the sorrow of many ice skaters ...)

  2. Nun halten die Socken wieder eine Weile, toll gerettet!
    Auch hier blüht es schon kräftig und gestern schien den ganzen Tag die Sonne inklusive traumhaften Sonnenuntergang.
    Liebe Inselgrüße

    1. Jaaaaa Kerstin, noch drei paar warten auf die Reparatur

      (wo war bloss der Winter ???)

  3. Reacties
    1. really couldn't find a better colour :-(
      (some more socks waiting, and asked daughter is she has some better yarn leftovers)

  4. I love that you darn with the duplicate stitch, instead of weaving. Great idea! ❤

    1. ((Connie)) it's so much more stretchy this way ... but when there is REALLY a hole ... then it's a bit more difficult to make the knitting stitches, though it can be done with some auxiliary (cotton) thread !