zondag 29 maart 2020

new (old) things ...

Somehow I'm not able to pick up
my "normal" creative work
like felting, stitching, drawing or painting.
So after my dear granddaughter came by
to take some coloured cotton thread home
(we kept our distance, she knew what she wanted,
and knew where to find it)
to make "friendship bracelets",
I looked up some patterns on Pinterest
and started myself  ...

Years ago we made the simple (striped) ones.
But now I watched some videos
how to make the (4) different knots
to make the more intricate patterns.

These "arrows" were my favorite
(and were explained quite well)

It's sooo much fun to pick the colours from my giant stash !!!

 The first one (in the middle) is finished,
the second is with a loop (right) and the green one (left)
that went totally wrong after taking this picture :
I accidentally turned it to the backside when I went on with it 

Only blues !
The dice is to keep track of the six repeating rows
(that I know by heart now)
(The next one will surely be another pattern !)

We're still mostly inside,
the sun is shining but there is a very cold wind
but inside our Bella always "asks"
for her cushion to be placed in a sunny (warm) spot

And when daughter brought us some groceries early this week
there were some lovely tulips too !

SPRING inside !

Every night they have to be put in the hall :
Bella LOVES to chew on them
(and then throw up !)

6 opmerkingen:

  1. (((Els))) love your friendship bracelets, macrame has made such a comeback, what goes around comes around! Is that one of your works behind the tulips?

    1. Ha indeed Mo !!!
      (no the painting is made by a friend : our very first wedding lustrum art purchase ;-) !)

  2. Ich glaube ich könnte in meiner Abitur Klasse keiner einzigen Unterrichtsstunde folgen ohne in einer Tour diese Bändchen zu knoten....es waren soooo viele und wanderten meist vom Schoß unter der Bank direkt an ein Handgelenk im Klassenzimmer.
    Ich danke dir für diese Erinnerung - bleib zuversichtlich und gesund

    1. Warst also ein guter Schüler, Delia !!!
      Gesundheit auch für dich meine Liebe !

  3. O... auch für mich Erinnerungen. Ich hab mal so viele gemacht, als meine Tochter klein war. Allerdings nicht so komplizierte Muster. Schön! Bleib gesund Els!!!

    1. Jaaaa Doris, die erste "Freunschaftsbänder" waren die einfache ;-) aber die Enkelin hat mir jetzt angesteckt !
      Alles Gute und bleib gesund, Doris.