vrijdag 6 maart 2020

WORK ! (and giveaway)

I threw the dice
(three and six)
so Angie please send me an email with your address
and the LEAP day mandala comes to you !

Last week on Friday
lots of work has been done in the garden :
a new fence !

Raindrops, just when the last screws
went into place !

Wednesday and today
I worked in the garden too :
preparations for tomorrow
when the gardeners
will raise the terrace

About halfway collecting stuff
(that came from all over the place)
that needs to be dumped.

I was busy removing and saving bits along the edge
that come under pressure when the terrace is raised,
but also enjoying some early beauties !!!

(remember Hetty ?) 

These lovely Helleborus were hidden in a Tallictrum
I got when my dear garden friend Rhonda's sister
moved (back) to Australia

Curious if all goes well tomorrow ...

For now :
(don't know how you keep up the garden work, Mo ... ?!?!)

8 opmerkingen:

  1. the new fence is a beauty & good luck with raising the terrace! We're still gardening for a living but hope to be retired by the end of the year, most of our gardens are small inner city spaces but a couple of waterfront gardens are big & getting quite challenging!

    1. ((Mo)) I can imagine that it is sometimes a challenge : I felt my back yesterday ....
      (but it is also FUN !)

  2. what a very fine looking fence, and your spring flowers are just lovely - hellebores really are a delight aren't they, their freckled faces all shy and bashful, but so beautiful

    1. Thanks Kat, but the garden right now is a bit of a mess : with the raising of the terrace ... a lot of soil needed now too And I've moved some small trees, though it isn't the best of time right now !!! :-(

    2. It will be grand once it's done - if yours is like mine its all very wet and muddy just now anyway. Summer will come!!

    3. ((Kat)) I hope so .....
      (lots of plants now covered by the debris of this renovation, hope when summer comes they indeed will have recovered (but the new deck near the water is gorgeous !)

  3. I applaud the work you are doing ... gardening has never been my thing and now that we have left our house, of the last 42 yrs., I miss nothing !!! Lawn work and snowplowing will be someone else's job and my patio will support all the gardening I want to do in big pots. I love your Helleborus ! I tried to grow one (Christmas present) but it did not thrive indoors. Maybe I'll find one for one of my patio pots .
    Hope you are well and safe in these very trying times.

    1. Thanks Sharron (found this rather late sorry) Ha we don't have a lawn ... only plants ! You sure do what you love most with your stitching and drawing ;-)