woensdag 22 juli 2020

20 !!!!!


What a respectable old lady !

At the age of twenty ?

Old ?


when you're a Burmese cat
you are !
(but our dear Bella is still going strong !)

These past few weeks I was busy with the concertina booklets
of Mandy Pattullo's workshop.
But my first fabric book was for daughter
so I only showed the second one in the tin box.
Today, while celebrating the summer holidays with a BBQ
I could give her the finished book,
her own Fire-keeper story.

 When still working on the covers and inside stitching with
MAGIC thread ...

Some close-ups :

Fire  !

Inside the hut 

at the end a new start !


The garden is as full as it ever was :
no sigh of the empty spaces after all the work at the terrace
and hardly any fence left to see

And inside, in the bathroom upstairs at the north facing window,
one of the orchids is very happy
and started flowering again

We're happy too
in our green oasis !

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Was für eine Bild - Dramatik ! zum Glück mit hoffnungsvollem Ausgang.
    Wunderschönes Tier und Traumgarten !
    Herzlichst, Angela

  2. Meinen Glückwunsch an Bella! Und deine Textil-Büchlein sind traumhaft schön, liebe Els!
    Liebe Grüße, Gabi

    1. Danke dir Gabi !!!
      (noch ein Textil-Buch in Arbeit ...)

  3. Happy Birthday Bella! Love your books (((Els))) your garden is looking fabulous!

  4. Love these fabric books. So much kreativity in it. Seems to be a good choice these workshops.

    1. Jaaaa Doris, es ist eine gute Wahl gewesen !
      (noch zwei Bücher unterwegs !)