vrijdag 3 juli 2020

a rose is a rose is a rose

This STITCH CLUB week went by
working on a piece for the workshop of 

The strip-weaving was well known to me
because that was in one of Jude Hill's classes
and gladly I used that more then once
so no problems there.

You could definitely say that Sue
is a portrait specialist,
so on her strip-woven piece she made a portrait.

I thought about that
collected coloured strips 
(which are there in abundance)
but didn't come up with a good idea
I would want for a portrait
(or too many idea's perhaps)

So I collected a second bit of (different) coloured fabrics
and wove my background.

The idea of the rose was of course there before I chose the pinks,
the rose itself I sketched from a rose on the "web"
Thin paper to stitch through
and three dark enough pearl cottons
that would stand out against the sweet pinks.

Those cottons, thát was one of my mistakes :
my hand (arthritis) ached soon
because of the three layers of my weave !

Here everything looked still all right
(removing the tissue paper gave me the déja vu
of a shredded paper hanky from the washing machine !!!) 

 And I thought the result was a disaster :
the rose simply disappeared !
(I posted it in the group anyway,
if only to show that most of the time you have to try
many times before something good emerges !)

I left it alone for a day or so
and thought about unpicking, stitch or even paint ...
 back to the stitching
(with stranded cotton floss !!!)
and the rose came back to me !

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Els, das ist ja wirklich wunderschön geworden. Der Weg dahin hat sich gelohnt.

    1. Danke dir Doris, aber halwegs war ich nicht so sicher ...

  2. (((Els))) love your beautiful exploration of the rose!

  3. So,so schön - vom Gedanken zum Entwurf bis zur Fertigstellung.
    So möchte ich auch sticken können.
    Herzlichst ,Angela

    1. ((Angela)) Danke
      Vielen in der Gruppe haben ein Porträt gemacht (wie Sue vorgemacht hat ...) Einfach die Linien in ein Bild kopieren und dann, dúrch die Zeichnung hin, sticken ! Das funktioniert, garantiert ! :-)

  4. oh well done you for persevering and bringing back your rose, it is beautiful, and I love those little folded books in your Wednesday post, so simple and so effective, like little book jewels