vrijdag 14 augustus 2020

a HOT day .....

Ahhhhhh ... that is
how I remember the walks on the moor when I was a child :
a HOT day in our summer holidays !

(Just like the HEAT WAVE we have now ???
Noooo, it surely wasn't thát hot then ...)

The memory still holds :
the colour of the purple heather,
the air vibrating in the distance,
and tired feet on the sandy path ...

That memory was also a good start for another landscape

a third piece for the Cas Holmes "momigami" workshop.

A bit more detail


In the garden
the planted seeds for the empty spot
have transformed into a wild patch of colour
(colours I normally would nót choose,
but this is OK for now !)

Yesterday and the day before that
we hoped op some rain after all those days of heat we had.
We had a weird kind of yellowish light
and strange clouds ...
but hardly any rain as relief for the garden

Hoping for some rain tonight ...
or at least tomorrow !

(it's too damn HOT !!!)

8 opmerkingen:

  1. love your stitched landscape and your garden is looking beautiful!

    1. ((Mo))
      (tomorrow starts a new workshop ;-) ... so many new ideas !)

  2. I am so enjoying seeing the lovely stitching you are doing in these workshops, such inspiration. And wow, those clouds - I hope you got rain out of them. We had a good heavy shower at last today, the garden really needs it doesn't it?

    1. ((Kat)) thanks, enjoying each new challenge ;-)
      We have been waiting / expecting a thunderstorm with enough rain for several days, but tonight it finally came !
      (I think I heard some gurgling sounds from the plants in the garden hahaha !)

  3. Ach ja, wir warten auch immer noch auf den Regen. Bislang sind alle Wolken bei uns vorbeigezogen.
    Unser Garten sieht langsam nicht mehr gut aus. :-(
    Dein Landschaftsbild gefällt mir gut!
    Liebe Grüße

    1. ((Gabi)) ich nehme an dass es jetzt wenigstens ein bisschen Gewitter und Regen gegeben hat ;-D Zumindest hier auch ! (und ab übermoregn wird es endlich kühler pfffffffffffft !)

  4. Els, this cloth is gorgeous, vibrant!