zondag 2 augustus 2020

paint, words, paper and stitch

It is amazing the inspiration we get
from the STITCH CLUB !

In this third bunch of workshops
we used paint on paper or cloth
there were words on a "medal"
and scrunched up paper

For Gregory's task (American)
I took an old unfinished acrylic painted portrait,
divided it into three with tape
and got going with three different colour schemes.

This is so far the only one I finished stitching into

And let me tell you, that was NO FUN :
ouch, punching holes into thick painted paper !!!
(so no 1 and 3 might never be finished at all ...
yet I'm thinking about painting some cloth) 

The "medals" were inspired by Haf ( a Welsh artist)
who started with these medals last year,
processing her emotions being ill in hospital.

Many of the STITCH group used words in connection
of the strange times during the pandemic
these last few months,
but I chose a lighter path.

Three "medals" finished

Yesterday was the release of the workshop of
Cas Holmes.
I've followed her blog for many years and I like her work !

She showed us to make a little landscape
out of fabric strips and pieces of kneaded paper
in Japan (where she studied) known as momigami .
It is amazing how the feel structure and even sound of the paper
changes by kneading it !!!

Of course Japanese paper (with longer fibres in it)
works best, but (brown) paper bags , some wrapping paper
and even pages of magazines work as well !
(and you get nice warm hands hahaha !)

One piece finished !

Scraps of fabric and paper are mixed together,
tacked onto a cotton backing,
and stitched with different stitches and threads
to suggest the specifics of a landscape

The cloud ("Hollandse wolkenlucht") was a piece
of a full-page photo of a winter tree with snow
from a Dutch Nature-magazine

I think there will be more of rthese ...


16 opmerkingen:

  1. The cas Holmes work...you did it Beauty Fully
    Love it

  2. inderdaad goe gedaan !!
    bedankt om te delen Els

    1. Dankje Maria, het leuke vind ik dat je telkens weer een andere richting op gaat (en ik heb heus niet altijd gelijk "zin" dat duurt soms echt wel even ... !!)

    2. (haha, .... met die medailles bijv. had ik echt iets van huh moet dat nou .... om later toch los te gaan ;-) !)

  3. Das Triptychon wird dich noch lange begleiten, liebe Els.
    Ja, - von den Papier / Stoffcollagen sollten unbedingt noch welche kommen.
    Bin sehr begeistert.
    ( schreibe das zum zweiten mal , sorry - Browser )
    Herzlichst, Angela

    1. Nummer 2 (von Cas Hplmes) ist bereits angefangen :-)

  4. Deine Arbeiten begeistern mich immer wieder liebe Els.
    Lieben Inselgruß

    1. Danke dir Kerstin.
      Es ist schön wieder neue Anregungen zu bekommen ;-)

  5. Felicitari draga Els, ai făcut niște lucruri minunate. Ce bine ca ești atât de creativa în pandemie.

    1. Thanks Carmina, the Stitch Club was mainly the reason for that ...

  6. Els, I love how you created such a visual with fabric and stitch. Beautiful!