woensdag 17 maart 2021

a stamp as start

Looong ago
our little baby was born :
a strong mum now !
Happy birthday my LOVE !

Jette Clover
hosts the workshop these two weeks in Stitch Club.
I love her work :
always lots of text in it.

A stamp as a start
. . . . .
but what if you chucked out a box of old stamps
only two months ago ?
Luckily I have a lot of envelopes
of other artists I swap with
and there I found on a letter from Mo
a beautiful Australian stamp !
Just the right thing to use !

"Twelve Apostles"

Thanks Mo !!!


3 opmerkingen:

  1. (((Els))) beautiful cloth collage of such a wild coastline, haven't driven along the Great Ocean Road since the 70's!

    1. ((Mo)) it must be a fantastic view . . . (heard that already from the Aussie Stitch Club members !)