vrijdag 5 maart 2021

beads and sequins

Beads and sequins :
I often respond to them like a magpie would.
I've done my share of jewelry making
so there still is a stash of that.

That came in handy for this week's
Stitch Club workshop of  Kate Tume :
embellishments !

A fun workshop for me (magpie)
I decided to use some fun fabric that was in my stash
for quite some time :
the flower fairies by Cecily Mary Barker,
that would be a good starting point.
So I chose one to which I had some matching sequins.

I basted down the fabric around the fairy first
and started with matching cream sequins.

Then I decided it would make a lovely front
for a needle book.
Now I hope to really put my needles there
because I always loose my needles !
I lay them down somewhere,
or leave them in some WIP.
I mostly work with several needles with different threads,
so I often loose more than one !

The front side of the book is finished (10 x 10cm)

For the pages inside I felted some neat squares in the right size (!)
and in colours that went with the colours of the cover.
I also had some fabric for the back cover and the inside
plus, for another page, some sweet fabric that I backed with some
 commercial felt, attached with buttonhole stitch
with my variegated silk thread.

Then I assembled the backing fabric and the pages
(in the way Jude Kingshott did)

And on to the next project !

10 opmerkingen:

  1. zo'n speldenboekje past ook wel bij mij , fijn gedaan Els

    1. Hahaha Maria, stuur maar een mailtje wanneer je wilt beginnen, dan stuur ik een "bloemenkind" naar je toe ! Het was een leuk werkje !

  2. Wunderschön ! Ein Kleinod !
    Bin ganz hin und weg. Ich denke, ein Nadelbuch wäre auch etwas für mich, denn meine Nadeln verschwinden auch immer.
    Liebe Grüße

    1. Danke Angela, es iest bereits in Gebrauch :-)
      (Schreib mir einen Email when du auch anfangen möchtest, dann schick ich dir ein Blumenkind :-) )

    2. Danke für das liebe Angebot !
      Meinte aber, dass ich mir eigentlich schon sehr lange ein Nadelbuch machen wollte, sollte...
      Zur Zeit kann ich nicht viel fast gar nichts handarbeiten, denn ich hatte mir den Daumen meiner Lieblingshand ( links ) gebrochen. Das dauert...
      Sollte es irgendwann dazu kommen, melde ich mich gern bei dir. Liebe Grüße !

    3. Ahhhh, das ist schlimm Angela, hoffentlich geht es dir bald besser : nicht schön so ohne Handarbeiten . . . Alles Gute !!!

  3. Oh I just love love love that little needle book, and the way you have blended the flower fairy with his background with all those lovely sequins and beads. What an inspiration. And how wonderful is Kate Tume's website? So much to look at and marvel over. What a lovely workshop

    1. YES love the things Kate makes !!!
      But all of us had fun playing with sequins and beads !