woensdag 15 september 2021


Stitch Club
is keeping me busy
. . . . .
There are so many lovely members
in this stitching community so that is really half the fun !!!
Then there are great textile artists
who share with us some of their techniques and inside secrets
and who are willing to guide us
in our own process
giving encouragements and tips !

I haven't regretted it a bit
taking part in Stitch Club !

The previous two weeks were again
for Ali Ferguson
who taught us how to make a book (from scratch)
but now showed how she made a "memory-story-piece"

I first finished another very small piece
for the Jean Draper workshop !!!


Though I wasn't too keen on Ali's start with
mind mapping, I gave it a try
and ended up with a piece about my garden
(instead of "the kitchen")

The mind map
(and looking for all kinds of things that could go onto the piece)

the finished piece

stretched over a canvas !

6 opmerkingen:

  1. love your blue dreamcather and the bluebells in your mind map!

    1. Ahhhh ((Mo)) we'll have to wait till the next spring for the bluebells ! We enjoy the last flowers of autumn right now ! Happy spring to you !

  2. Die Applikation und Stickerei sind wieder sehr schön. Aber die Vernetzung mit dem eingestickten Spiegelchen und Pailletten haut mich vom Hocker. Wunder, wunder schön !!!
    Herzliche Grüße, Angela

    1. Danke dir herzlichst Angela, wir lernen soooooviel dazu jedes mal !!!

  3. All of this is so wonderful! I love your drawing skill :)