dinsdag 5 oktober 2010

finished !

Today I finished my big "Beasts" cloth ... and I'm happy with it !
It turned out just as I intended it to be.

 here is a close-up

I love all the little pieces I used, that have a "history":
I still know of all the scraps where they originally came from.
It is a bonus for me when I look at it.
And this is what I learned working along Jude's guidance !

(And a big thank you for Natima, for being my first follower!
Mail me your address please and I will send you a little cloth )

9 opmerkingen:

  1. it is really splendid!
    and now you have 2 followers

  2. Els, this is beautiful. I love all the beasts in your cloth. It's so nice Jude is here too. Keep up the good work blogging - Hugs Natima

  3. your beasty piece is magnificent. thanks for visiting my blog. i will now start following your new blog. looking forward to seeing your new work.

  4. this cloth amazes me.
    i remember it's beginning

    amazes me. yes it does.

    energizes, too.

    thank you.

  5. Els I am so happy to see that you are blogging.
    This is an amazing piece...I remember when you started on it in Patchwork Beasts.
    There are so many wonderful details on this piece...one I love is the way the moon and sun rays touch. The more you look the more wonderful details come to light.
    I will be visiting you often to see what wonderful art you are showing.

  6. I love this!!!...beautiful colour palette and your catbeasts and moon have such wonderful personality.

    Jacky xox

  7. This is wonderful! Beautiful materials and what a lot of gorgeous stitching! Love it. Meow!