dinsdag 19 oktober 2010

friends in October

Today I was away with a looooong-time-no-see friend.
She lives in the east of our (small) country and came with her husband
who had something to do in Rotterdam.The weather forcast was heavy rain showers
but there were also big splashes of sunshine, but ....... we didn't see any of it :
 we talked and talked ... had lunch ... talked some more ... had coffee and talked .....
We had a great day together !!! It's good to see old friends again.

October : fall, leaves colouring, pumpkins ..... and a good tome for witches !

This little lady (who stayed with me) was one of the seven I made last year
from a pattern I bought at the same fair as we went to last Friday.
All the other witches found good homes somewhere else !!!

(this time I bought the pattern of a Ladybug .....)

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat gezellig al die heksen bij elkaar. Ik heb vroeger ook veel poppetjes gemaakt voor mijn kinderen, voor op de seizoentafel.

  2. How cutes are those ogange and black people! I have never post about Halloween, but do love the orange and block color so might post something up soo - Hugs Nat