dinsdag 28 december 2010

a bargain ???

With the December journal quilt finished
I have some time again for other things.

Today I was working very hard on a present for someone.

In October on the "Handwerkbeurs" (Needle Crafts Fair) we bought
some lovely red dyed wool for felting.
We bought it from Francis and Bart, two Belgian guys
who have the most funny supplies
for needlework, knitting, weaving, etc.
that you will not find lightly anywhere else.
(And they are funny guys)
The wool was not that expensive either ...

Daughter used the wool in a wonderful round meditation rug
like a big mandala
with a base of white needle felt and some other colours as well.
It went okay, but the red wool was "bleeding" enormously,
but that stopped after a LOT of rinsing !

(Later she had trouble with some bowl she was making
of the same red wool)

So today I started with a shawl of a nice sheer cotton / linen fabric
and laid the red wool on the back side

added water and soap and started by hand, then I rolled it up
in bubble wrap and started rolling ...
and rolling ... 
and rolling ...
but after quite some time of rolling ...
it still was NOT felting !!!!

So :
that bargain we thought we had
wasn't a bargain after all !
If there's anyone out there who bought the sáme wool then :
for some reason it won't work !

4 opmerkingen:

  1. What a shame...an I was looking forward to seeing the end result with the soft linen scarf.
    It's disappointing when you put in all that work (rolling, rolling, rolling) with a poor end result.
    Sounds like you and your daughter had fun together though.

    Jacky xox

  2. I worked with this kind of scarfs and my wool was only on one side. I must say that I really worked hard rubbing it with all my force to the metal rills of the sink and I threw it hard alternatively for a long time till everything was bonded. That worked for me.Perhaps you could try this hard core felting!

  3. or try needle felting it onto the sheer...k.

  4. the wool might have a silicon finish on it. and that is not felting friendly.