woensdag 29 december 2010

last month ( ..... uh, no ! )

In the consternation of describing yesterday's felting failure I totally 
forgot to show my finished December journal quilt

starry, starry night / wintersolstice

winter and summer next to each other

the whole stack together

uh ..... NO
August is still missing !

So, after finishing a belated pair of (christmas present) socks for my daughter,

and a helping hand with another pair that she is knitting herself,

and a felting failure ...

I finally brought together the greens I want to use for August
and started ripping strips for (again) a woven background.

(I didn't have to rip up shirts and boxers like some people do
although the result turned out beautifully,
 look here)


12 opmerkingen:

  1. i love how you've woven those 2 stars on the bottom. are you going to stitch them all together?

  2. Loving the greens of the new cloth, and those socks look beautiful. I want to learn how to knit socks next winter! My Great Grandmother used to knit socks...lovely memories in her lounge room sitting with her while she knitted away. I was too little to learn socks, but she did teach me to knit on a pair of large nails.

    Your winter and summer cloths are wonderful, will you make these all up into a quilt/wall hanging?

    Jacky xox

  3. Ohhhh... your journal quilt is lovely. The colors, stitching, imagery, etc. are so vibrant and happy. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great Solstice stitching Els. I like the thought of doing a piece for each month of the year. And the greens of August are delightful.


  5. I loved seeing the juxtaposition of winter and summer - happy new year!

  6. wow... your sun's are amazing! beautiful colors and textures. and beautiful socks too!

  7. I love your journal quilt. I am looking forward to seeing the green page finished, I like greens so much and rarely remember to use them.

  8. I just love the look of the woven strips quilted and embellished...will you be taking Jude's boro class, Els?

  9. I'm getting caught up on my blog reading and found yours to be the best one so far! I just love your journal quilts. How did you decide to finish the edges on them and how will they be displayed?

  10. Ik vind het zo prachtig om die hele stapel te zien!

  11. my goodness your star is wonderful - how big is it?