dinsdag 18 oktober 2011

lucky girl !

That's me !
in more ways than one I would say
but I'm not telling you all of them, that would take ages !!!

But this one I'd like to share with you :
some time ago I got this e-mail from one
of my blogging-world stitching friends : Jacky
who lives in Australia.
She asked if I would like some scraps of fabric from her.
Well, what do you think ?
Ofcourse I said yes to this lovely suggestion
I was honoured by it.
Today I recieved an envelope from far away "Down Under"

Along with the stash was a lovely card with some sweet words on it ...

and look at that !
All those wonderful pieces of fabric !!!
A real treasure
They will easliy find their way into my little or bigger quilts.
I'm a VERY lucky girl, I think

Because I almost ran out of little blue squares
I started cutting and ironing again ...

( the folded size is 2,5 cm / 1" square )

so I could sew new "star" nine patches together.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. lucky you. blogging friends are so wonderful. and I love your blues...

  2. YES you are lucky, Els, and you bring me a smile - the Feathered Star piece in your last post is watery and wonderful! love, sus

  3. Lucky you is right! What a truly wonderful array of treasures! Love those blue squares :)

  4. Those little blue squares are wonderful Els....beautiful little 9 patches. I cant wait to see what you do with them.
    He hee...so pleased you like your little stash from Australia and I look forward to seeing them in your textile art.
    Glad you liked the card. I adore Magaly Ohika's art and love to buy her cards.
    Talking about cards! THANKYOU for the lovely hand stamped cards and tags you sent me...gorgeous!!!!

    Jacky xox

  5. Ah Jacky is a sweet lady :-) Look at that gorgeous green lace...

    Your squares look beautifully neat!