donderdag 6 oktober 2011

painting on windows

Yesterday and today I was painting.
Not on paper, not on a canvas
on a window !

When I worked as a schoolteacher
in Primary School with the youngest children
I often made illustrations to a theme we were working on,
on the classroom windows.
After some time they were removed
and replaced with something else.
For me that was great fun, because I like to draw
and the children liked it as well.

Later, some collegues asked if I could also do that for them.
I was "happy" when they decided to leave the drawings
for the entire year, or even longer.
Now that I'm retired
( and having so much of my own to do on my hands )
I'm no longer asked and that's fine with me.
Untill recently,
I was asked to paint again something on the windows ...

I have kept a lot of full size drawings
for "you never know when"
One was picked and I started yesterday
( by taping it on the outside : that's easier than sketching all over again ! )

This morning ( while it was raining, HA ) I could start inside ...

... and was done before lunch !
( teacher and children satisfied, ... one more to go ... later )

( The one I did next to the front door two years ago
is still okay : no sun comes there ...)

( p.s. : my Fiberrainbow - heart for Mo'a is on it's way to the USA )

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